Friday, September 30, 2011

Review on thinkinGardens

Hurray - my first review for thinkinGardens has been posted! I'm very excited that Anne Wareham found it worthy, and curious to see any comments. The post is a bit of a rant on the problems with show gardens, based on my visit to Appeltern in the Netherlands, a massive permanent exhibition ground for model gardens. It's a place I was excited to visit, but it completely turned me off show gardens. Perhaps others will have some thoughts on why show gardens don't often satisfy, or maybe why they think they do?


  1. I think I would agree with you about show gardens but since I've never been to see show gardens, I really shouldn't venture an opinion. I was happy to read your brief comments on Ton ter Linden's show garden and would love to see a separate post, with more photos, on just that one garden. Any chance of that?

  2. It seems the other commenters like the gardens. Given your taste is impeccable, I'm inclined to side with your opinion sight unseen, especially where outdoor barbeques are involved! Yuck. You did manage to capture some very nice images, also.

  3. James - Thanks for the suggestion - I've been trying to make it out to Ton ter Linden's real private garden since seeing his Appeltern show piece, but not sure if there will still be time this fall. If not, I'll try to post more on his show garden.

    Susan - Yes, it does seem that permanent show gardens might be more popular than I thought :). Thanks very much for the comment though. I also noticed your previous comment on thinkinGardens which was very kind, so thanks for that as well!