Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring in Belgium

I just wanted to take a short break from the sunny castles of last summer’s Loire Valley for an exciting news update – spring has officially arrived in Belgium! Last weekend we went to the local botanical garden in Leuven, and lo and behold, the highlight of the year was already out – the giant crocus lawn!

I must say it took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting it since we’ve had snow cover up until 2 weeks ago, and Belgium has experienced its harshest winter in most people’s living memory. Fortunately, it seems that even after many years of being spoiled by the typically mild Belgian winters, these tiny bulbs have retained their inborn hardiness. Completely unfazed by the snow and cold, they all popped up right on time.

The sight of the first fragile flowers of spring must be one of the most beautiful and happy experiences nature can offer us. I’m not sure what deep primordial cord it tugs at, but I know that it’s a prominent one in every gardener. I hope that the pure, unadulterated joy of the first spring bulbs is felt just as intensely by everyone else.


  1. Welcome spring! We're still waiting in the northeast US.

  2. Great pics again Wanda

    Just this weekend I noticed the tulips are pushing up through the leaves from last fall...and temperatures may hit 15 on Wednesday- unlike Belgium...perhaps the warmest, least snow winter in Toronto history.