Saturday, April 11, 2009

Flowering trees

Last week, as I was whizzing around Leuven running errands, I almost fell off my bike going past the Leuven Kruidtuin: the mature cherry tree is now in full bloom, with every single branch covered in gigantic, fluffy white-pink blooms. With the sunlight streaming through, it seemed like the whole tree was a radiant, soft pink cloud floating over the garden. I don’t think I have ever seen so many flowers covering a single tree. It was definitely the star of the show, completely surrounded by people taking pictures or just trying to soak it all in.
I have been completely amazed by the flowering tree display here in Belgium. In Canada, we have nice blooming trees in the spring, especially many crabapples, but I have never really seen anything quite like this before. On the side of every road, in ditches and tucked into tiny concrete corners, there are flowering trees just covered with blossoms. The tree below is just on the side of the main ring road around town. There are many others on my way to work every morning, but I haven't managed to remember the camera.

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